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Travel & Events

Check out Scribely's presentations from accessibility webinars and conferences.
March 13 - 17

CSUN 2023

Anaheim, CA
Speaker: "Accessible Smart SVGs for the Digitally-Inclusive Age"
Extreme closeup of a DSLR camera lens reflecting a vibrant array of purples, pinks, teals, and blues.
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Past Events

SSP Conference 2022

"Operationalizing Image Accessibility Across Platforms, Providers, and Publishers"
Crowd of people moving through the hallway at what appears to be a conference with colorful advertising banners hanging from the ceiling high above.

Council of Science Editors 2022

"The Role of the Editor in Making Images Accessible"

DigiTips 2022

"Unmuting Your 'Silent Images' with Photo Metadata"

CSUN AT 2022

"Embedding Text Alternatives in Images Using Photo Metadata"

GCM Colloquium

"Human-Focused Alt Text and Keywording for Graphical Images"

Digita11y Accessible

"The Definitive Guide to Mastering the Art of Writing Premium Alt Text"

Sight Tech Global

"W3C ARIA-AT: Screen Readers, Interoperability, and a New Era of Web Accessibility"

BISG Coffee Break

"Introduction to Alt Text and Extended Description for Book Publishing"
Closeup of rows of wooden auditorium seating in a bright, open space.


"Making Images Accessible Across Industries: How Does it Work and What’s Next?"

DMLA 2021

"Image Accessibility Behind the Scenes: Metadata, DAMs, and Image Accessibility"

GAAD 2021

"Make your Images and Videos Accessible"