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Image Accessibility

To capture and catalog the nuance, detail, and beauty of each digital image, Scribely writes premium alt text and extended descriptions for everything from photos, infographics, and maps to sculptures, paintings, and memes.

Computer monitor perches on a desk cluttered with dishes and plants beneath open shelves lined with vintage cameras. Colorful afghan drapes chair in foreground.

What Makes Images Accessible?

Alternative Text (Alt Text)

A brief descriptive caption in HTML code that provides a text alternative to your visual web content.

Extended Description

A more detailed explanation for complex images that elaborates on information provided in the alt text.

Embedded Photo Metadata

A way to ensure your descriptions travel within photo metadata wherever your images go.

Why Image Accessibility Matters

Accurate Description + SEO Storytelling = Web Traffic

Accurate and informative descriptions enable blind and visually impaired people to access the full story. 

Scribely’s high quality, standards-compliant alt text and extended descriptions for images not only create better content experiences, but also improve search and discovery while reducing legal exposure.

Human-crafted image descriptions can give you a competitive edge by unlocking new audiences and strengthening your relationship with existing ones.

Closeup of 4 fists bumping, 1 with bracelets in front. They hover over a striped water bottle, a jar of seeds, and a potted cactus.
2 hikers laden with black backpacks face jagged, tree studded peaks as one points up toward a foggy sky.

How We Write Alt Text

Every visual is an opportunity to connect with your audience. Delivering the right alt text and extended descriptions starts with a human-first approach.

Our tribe of writers not only focus on what an image looks like, but also on the purpose and meaning behind it. In order to do this, we describe the primary focus of the image, while capturing all the relevant details and incorporating keywords naturally.

Most importantly, we ask each writer to step back and ask themselves, “Does this description help me visualize the same image?”

Over the shoulder shot of an arm holding up a brass compass against a distant, hazy ridgeline.

Alt Text for eCommerce

Check out our approach for describing product images.

Alt Text: 
1. 3 quarter view of an open laptop elevated on a matte acrylic Workperch riser tilted at an ergonomic angle designed for eye level viewing.

2. Profile of an open laptop on a minimalist handcrafted Workperch riser. Sturdy triangular design blends seamlessly with laptop.

3. High angle shot of an open laptop situated atop a Workperch riser on a wood desk behind items neatly arranged on Workperch mats.

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Alt Text for Education & Culture

Alt Text: 

Beige atrium of an excavated Pompeiian villa with high ceilings and mosaic tile floor. Light filters in from a clerestory window.

Extended Description

The tile floor composed of geometric mosaics interspersed with figurative scenes surrounds a square basin at the center. Peeling red frescoes adorn some walls, and textured mud brick is exposed on the upper portion of the structure. The far end of the atrium opens to an outdoor colonnade and garden.

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Alt Text for Entertainment

Alt Text: 

Movie poster for “I, Tonya.” Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding stands with hand on hip, head tilted up with a defiant gaze.

Extended Description

Robbie leans against a white cinderblock wall as she grips ice skates by the blades. She wears a white figure skating dress with accents of gold sequins and fringe on the cap sleeves. Her wavy blonde hair is pulled back with bangs curled.

The title appears in pink block letters at the top with a pink chalk line underneath. Actor names Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, and Allison Janney appear above the title.

Below this, pink text from two reviews is overlayed on the white backdrop. The first review reads, "A Knockout! The Goodfellas of Figure Skating," The Playlist. The second reads, "A hilarious tragedy of success so entertaining you can't look away," Indiewire.

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Digital ad for Say My Meme with bold white and black lettering on a yellow background. Text below pixelated sunglasses reads, Podcast by Be My Eyes and Scribely.

Say My Meme Podcast

How would your life be impacted if you couldn’t fully experience GIFs, TikToks, emojis, and memes? In this joint podcast, Scribely and Be My Eyes use humor and the power of visual description to discuss how to make this vital aspect of culture fully accessible to everyone.

More Services

Video accessibility

Full-service video accessibility and production support, including audio description, transcripts, and closed captions.

Review & Remediation

Image and video accessibility audits, and artificial intelligence (AI) alt text and keyword remediation services.

Training & Consulting

Accessible workflow expertise for digital media content, photo metadata management, and social media marketing.