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Review & Remediation

Accessibility best practices are constantly evolving as we continue to expand the possibilities for developing and sharing content on the web.

Scribely’s content accessibility experts perform image and video audits based on the latest standards, and create action plans that save you time, money, and headaches.

Closeup of a person in a white cardigan sitting in a plush orange armchair and working with a laptop perched on their legs.
Closeup of countless black, white, and rust hued puzzle pieces spread out in a haphazard heap.

Human Review of AI Alt Text

If you’ve never witnessed the difference between human-generated and AI-generated alt text, it can be hard to believe. 

But once you’ve experienced it, it’s easy to recognize how computer vision technology can negatively impact your SEO and brand image. Simply said, it fails to provide the right information for screen-reader users.

Scribely’s experts help review and fix inaccurate, incomplete, or offensive AI alt text to capture the nuance, detail, and beauty of each image and expand the reach of your visual content.

Review of Incomplete Details

AI-Generated: “A person sitting in a chair.”

Human-Generated: "Person lounges on the arm of an emerald green velvet chair, open book resting on their face and foot perched on an end table."

Review of Inaccuracies

AI-Generated: “A group of ants climbing a rock.”

Human-Generated: "Climber adjusts ropes as they scale a bowed, rust-hued rock face against a quilt of clouds in the background."

Review of SEO and Branding

AI- Generated: “A person and 2 children looking at a computer.”

Human-Generated: "Father with 2 young children on his lap in a kitchen space, 1 child pointing with delight at a Microsoft Surfacebook in front of them."

Review of Offensive Descriptions

AI-Generated: “A person pushing a stroller with a person in it." 

Human-Generated: "Back view of a person using a wheelchair holding up a smart phone to take a photo of a man standing on the sidewalk of a residential street."
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Image Audit

What is an Image Audit?

Whether alt text is created by internal teams, alt text specialists, or AI image recognition technology, image descriptions must be regularly reviewed and refreshed to reflect the dynamics of the language and culture they represent.

The Benefits of an Image Audit

Review of existing alt text and extended descriptions will improve screen reader UX, identify any missing or inaccurate information, increase conformity with WCAG guidelines, and boost image search and discovery.

Video Audit

What is a Video Audit?

Scribely uses the highest standards for guidance so you can improve your video accessibility over time. We also recognize the importance of working at a pace and budget that works for our clients.

The Benefits of a Video Audit

A review of your current video content will identify areas for improvement, as well as help you create a realistic strategy for adding missing accessibility pieces, such as captions or downloadable transcripts.

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