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Our Services

If your business or digital content can’t be found or experienced, does it even exist? 

Don’t let accessibility errors, which are often hidden beneath layers of code, keep your audience from connecting with you and your content.

At Scribely, we transform your online presence for the modern digital experience so you can rest easy, knowing digital barriers aren’t hindering your brand.

Keep scrolling to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Services Portfolio

From websites and social media to image libraries and beyond, let our tribe of writers help you create accessible content and improve your brand’s discoverability.

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Image Accessibility

Premium alternative text and extended description writing services for photos, graphics, artwork, and more.
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Video Accessibility

Full-service video accessibility support, including audio descriptions, transcripts, and closed captions.
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Review & Remediation

Image and video accessibility audits, and artificial intelligence (AI) alt text and keyword remediation services.
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Training & Consulting

Accessible workflow expertise for digital media content, photo metadata management, and social media marketing.

Our Process

How We Work


Project Manager
Assess the needs and requirements of the project and define deadlines and milestones


Project Manager
Selects writers according to their subject expertise and sets the project in motion
Publishers, Image Libraries, Museums, Galleries
Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Tech, Home Goods
Film, Television, Podcasts, Live Events, Advertising


Work through visual content (image, audio, video) and craft descriptions according to Scribely's guidelines


Quality Assurance Team
Follow a 3-step approach to ensure highest standards are met for descriptions and transcripts
Spelling & Grammar
Language & Keywords
WCAG & Screen Reader


Project Manager
Export images and descriptions in the desired format and deliver the final package to the client